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Choose your starting place from our selection of broth, made by simmering locally raised animal bones for 24 hours (chicken) and 48 hours (beef) with organic vegetables and aromatics. It's nutrient-dense, seasoned by you and served by the cup.

Small - $5 Large - $7


Free-range local chicken bones, organic mirepoix, aromatics, organic garlic


Grass-fed, pastured local beef bones, organic mirepoix, aromatics, organic ginger

Vegan Superfood

Shiitake, chaga, organic mirepoix, aromatics, organic ginger, organic garlic


Check back weekly for delicious new varieties and options


Choose combinations of flavourful additions to turn a nutritious snack into a light, healthy meal.



Organic fair-trade quinoa, organic amano rice miso, dulse flakes (seaweed)


Organic ginger juice, homemade ghee, organic turmeric, brown basmati rice


Traditional kimchi, zucchini noodles


Get the most out of your Ayurvedic meal with whole-food bowls combining lentils, pulses, grains and spices, all cooked in our slow-simmered broth.



Chicken bone broth, masoor (red) lentils, brown rice, ghee, spices. Traditional Indian staple, simple and comforting.

Saag Masala Oats

Vegan broth, oats, pureed spinach, coconut milk, spices. Savoury oatmeal porridge, excellent for breakfast or brunch.

Beetroot Quinoa Dahl

Beef broth, toor (yellow) lentils, quinoa, beetroot, spices. Hearty Indian lentil stew, with the special addition of quinoa.

Complimentary condiments

Personalize your meals at our condiment bar.

Tamari ↝ Sea salts ↝ Black pepper ↝ Hot sauce ↝ Dulse seaweed ↝ Honey

Can't Stay?

Take home a container of frozen broth. Just reheat and enjoy!

750ml - $10