Serving Canadians Only the Best Organic Bone Broth, We Are About Wellness by Nourishing Your Body and Soul

Choosing Shorba Bone Broths is about deep care. With each sip of our flavourful broth, you are supporting the restoration of your gut and, by extension, improving your physical and emotional well-being. We are honoured to draw from our founder’s rich cultural roots to bring you an accessible, delectable version of a potent Ayurvedic healing food that has been utilized for centuries.

About Our Founder

Born in India to a family of exceptional cooks, Mithalee Rawat has been immersed in the healing traditions of Ayurvedic medicine from a young age. “Shorba” is the name given to a broth or soup in the Hindi language, likely derived from the Arabic word Shurbah. Our bone broths are influenced by the food-as-medicine approach of India’s ancient yet sophisticated food science – Ayurveda. When you choose Shorba bone broths, you aren’t just getting a food product. You’re soothing your gut and reigniting your agni, the (good) digestive fire within.

A Healing Blend of Professional Chef Experience and Ayurvedic Know-How​

While working as a chef within the wellness industry in Canada for many years, Mithalee observed many health trends come and go. As she saw an increasing number of bone broth brands appearing on shelves, she also noticed that most of them contained inflammatory ingredients like garlic and onions - which is completely counterproductive for those who are turning to bone broth for healing their gut. Mithalee decided to combine her cultural and technical knowledge about the wellness industry to create a soothing bone broth that both nourishes and recovers health - all while tasting delicious!

A Powerful Inflammation-Fighting Recipe That's Gentle on Digestion

Our recipes are rooted in Ayurvedic principles, using a potent yet gentle combination of organic spices known to support gut health and complement the benefits of bone broth. You’ll never find inflammatory foods such as onions or garlic on our ingredients list, keeping Shorba the best bone broth for gut health.

Our broths are made locally in Vancouver, BC with bones from grass-fed animals sourced from ethical farms near us. The beauty of our broth is that you can sip it as is, or use it to enhance the nutrition of any meals you eat by substituting the broth for water in your favourite dishes.

Our Bone Broth is the Perfect Addition to Nearly Any Lifestyle, Holistic or Otherwise

Everything about our bone broth is carefully selected to ensure the highest quality. We start with premium quality bones – grass-fed bone marrow, knuckle beef bones and free-range chicken frames and feet. These are sourced from local ethical farms, minimizing our carbon footprint.

The bones are then simmered with Ayurvedic spices known to complement and boost the efficacy of bone broth. This medicinal blend includes fresh ginger, fresh turmeric root, dry turmeric powder, black peppercorns, green cardamom pods, cinnamon bark, fenugreek seeds and bay leaves.

According to Ayurveda, all of these spices support gut health and contain anti-inflammatory properties.

When infused into the collagen-rich bone broth, it forms a potent, restorative, and delicious superfood.

Bone Broth Benefits for All

Consuming these elixirs regularly can not only strengthen your immunity but also keep joints healthy and make your skin glow.

Many of our customers consume quantities up to 500ml daily for medicinal and physiological reasons such as post-injury or post-surgery connective tissue repair, muscle recovery from athletic activities, Leaky Gut syndrome, Irritable Bowel Syndrome, etc.

People going through chemotherapy, or limited digestion capabilities due to age or physical health, have also found our bone broths beneficial since they are easy to consume and the nutrients are widely bioavailable.

In Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine, bone broth has also been prescribed as an important postpartum food.

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