Broth Bundle


Want to hit the minimum order by mixing and matching your bone broth order between chicken and beef?

For orders delivered to (or picked up from) Vancouver, please make sure your order reaches at least 4+.

For orders delivered to cities outside Vancouver (North/West Van, Burnaby, etc.) make sure your order reaches at least 12+.

Pick-up is available at Shorba Broth Bar, 1820 Pandora Street, Vancouver BC. We’d love to meet you!

Delivery is currently available in Burnaby, North Vancouver, West Vancouver, New Westminster and Surrey areas.

Once the order is placed, please allow 2-3 days to receive an email with delivery/ pick-up time window options.


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Frequently Asked Questions

Why Shorba Bone Broth?

Boost Energy Levels

Boost Your Energy Levels

This program transforms energy levels from sluggish to reinvigorated by helping the gut rest and restore itself. You’re given everything your body needs during program reset days while simultaneously curbing sugar cravings (typically for good).

Feel Full and Nourished

Unlike other detox methods that often leave you feeling hungry or bloated, our Reset Program provides you with essential nutrients in an easy-to-digest form that gives your gut a rest and satisfies your appetite.

Improved Digestion & Gut Health

The protein and mineral-rich content of our broths and the Ayurvedic blend of spices complement one another to support recovery from gut health issues such as IBS, colitis, and other digestive ailments and discomforts.
Onion and Garlic Free

Onion & Garlic-Free

Carefully crafted, this program is ideal for low-FODMAP aficionados with sensitive stomachs. Improve your health with a tasty, gut-friendly solution that effortlessly coincides with your everyday dietary preferences.

Anti-Inflammatory Spices

Shorba Bone Broths are infused with Diaspora Co turmeric and organic calming spices. Enjoy a nourishing blend that improves digestive health and tastes delicious without the after “uh ohs.”
Certified BC Bones

Certified Bones From B.C.

Shorba Bone Broths are made using certified organic British Columbian bones. Our beef is also 100% grass-fed from local, family-run farms, helping our local economy, and the families within, to thrive. Furthermore, sourcing protein locally minimizes our transportation-based carbon footprint.

Why Our Customers Love Our Bone Broth

"I bought a couple of bags from the farmers markets yesterday.. I tried the chicken today and the taste is amazing. After trying other bone broths from other places and I was never satisfied. I just added a little bit of Redmond Real Salt and I loved it! Really good and healthy"
Jorge Meraz
"Such incredible bone broth!! I drink this everyday. A really great way to support hard training. And I love Mithalee's attention to detail. She's specifically chosen everything from the bones to the spices in order to make the best bone broth possible. Super nourishing - a food I can't live without!"
Conlan Mansfield
"This broth is incredible! I'm so pleased with the high quality and consistent flavour. It is so nourishing and soothing. I find it best on an empty stomach with a little bit of miso paste & fresh herbs! The chicken broth is definitely my go to! If you are local to Vancouver you can pick it up at any of the Choices here, I typically pick up a couple of weeks worth at a time. Thank you Shorba Bone Broth!"
Karli Zucht
"Mithalee makes the most delicious bone broth I've ever tried. The broth is so flavourful, I love to have a cup in the morning with just a pinch of salt or I use it as a base for homemade soups and stews. There are some great recipes available on the website as well. The masala oats are my new favourite breakfast!"
Brooke McDonald
"I love the chicken bone broth, one of my favourite things to have on a rainy day in Vancouver, so I go through a lot. I don't usually ad anything and drink it as is. It's great that Mithalee offers delivery as well, so it's easy to stock up."
Geoff Diamond
"Life-changing bone broth. I went on a 3 day cleanse in March and only consumed the Chicken Bone Broth with some brown rice. I was having digestive issues (leaky gut) and have recently found out that I have an auto-immune condition. This broth helped relieve my gut and made me feel warm, calm, and clean during that time and afterwards. Plus it tastes great too! I usually add turmeric, pepper, and spinach. I now have a small portion daily and treat it like medicine, and go on a "cleanse" when I feel digestive issues re-surfacing. This is full of good stuff (check out how thick it gets when refrigerated!). As well, Mithalee has been thoughtful, compassionate, and knowledgable in my interactions when picking up from her. I order from her website in bulk and she's super easy to communicate with! Worth the price IMO!"
Travel Hebb
"I could not say anything but positive things about Shorba Bone Broths, I had been looking for a good quality bone broth for a long time and I finally find the one. The broth is really tasty, you could taste the spices and freshness of its ingredients. I was afraid that it would be a strong beef flavor, but I was surprised when I first tried it, I totally love it. It was really easy to place an order and Mithalee was really helpful."
Happy Moments
"I rarely leave reviews... but this broth is seriously magical! It's such a reliable way to feel nourished when you're feeling off. It works perfectly in cooking across a range of cuisines, but makes my usual vegetarian Punjabi/South Asian meals pop. I've never drank broth on it's own from a mug before Shorba and now I can't go back!"
Amar Nijhawan

Support Your Gut Health and Immune System

Our bone broths allow you to take your gut health and immunity into your own hands, without having to make your kitchen routines flavourfully bland or boring. Nourish your body’s natural defense system to promote your overall well-being while enjoying recipe-versatile bone broths that are delicious in a meal or on their own.

Eat Better, Feel Better

Shorba Bone Broth is locally made in Vancouver, BC, Canada. Thanks to our slow-simmer proces, we’re able to maximize the nutrient-rich content output of our locally-sourced organic broth bones, giving you more of the good stuff in every sip.
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