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Shorba Reset Program FAQ

Why British Columbians are Loving Shorba’s Reset Program

First, What is the Shorba Reset Program? 

Prepared and packaged for 4 or 7-day intervals, the Reset Program can help you hit a physiological reset button on your health goals. Such goals may include:

  • Soothing your gut or improving your gut health
  • Supporting your immune system functions
  • Inflammation reduction 
  • Injury recovery or rehabilitation optimization
  • Implementing better eating regimens (or adding healthier choices to an existing routine)
  • Reducing bloating, sluggishness or mental fatigue/fog. 

Always nourishing, and never leaving you feeling hungry like other monodiets, your Reset Program package contains all required ingredients; bone broths, khichdi mixes and Coriander-Cumin-Fennel (CCF) teas. You’ll also receive step-by-step instructions to guide you through cooking and best practices. 

Plus, even when you’ve completed your reset, the Ayurvedic ingredients enclosed in your package can be used in your regular day-to-day meal prep. Enjoyment of them isn’t limited to periods of drastic change.

What is the Ghee Add-On?

Ghee is a traditional clarified butter, one we love to refer to as the ultimate Ayurvedic superfood. This is because ghee on its own is not only nourishing for the body and its digestive health, it also increases the rate at which your body tissues become detoxified. And, you can use it in any recipe in which you’d normally use a cooking oil or other type of butter. 

Go Ghee!

What British Columbians are Saying about The Reset Program

“I’ve been drinking Shorba Bone Broth for a couple of years now and it’s become an absolute staple for me.  It’s so nourishing and filled with collagen AND tastes delicious – it’s hard to find bone broths that actually taste great and are easily incorporated into your daily routine.

I also recently tried the 4-day reset for the first time, and I would highly recommend it. I was never hungry throughout the whole reset, there is so much khichdi and broth provided and I feel so great! My digestion has improved so much since doing the reset.” – Cydney G. via Google Reviews. 

“I recently did the 4-day reset program and loved it! I’ve tried many different cleanses and detoxes and what I often find lacking is the nutritional component. The reset program gave my system a rest while at the same time providing the nutritional and nourishing component of the bone broth and khichdi. It was also delicious (as was the tea)! 

I was also surprised when it was hand delivered to my door by Mithalee who gave me some additional advice. You can’t have better customer service than that! I will definitely do the reset again, and highly recommend it for anyone looking to detox or simply to give their system a bit of a reset and rejuvenation!” – Celina J. via TrustIndex.

“I did the 4-day reset program on the recommendation of my colleagues at Qi Integrated Health and had a wonderful experience. I LOVED the nourishing broth. It tasted like a hug in a bowl. The recipe for the Khichdi was easy and delicious and the addition of the ghee was lovely

I also appreciated that there was a list of suggested veggies and fruits to eat to supplement the plan with cooked fresh foods. I have already recommended the program to others and regularly have you sipping broth in my fridge! Thanks so much and keep up the tremendous work.” – Chelsea B. via Google Reviews.

“After travelling to Mexico and feeling bloated + digestive discomfort, I did the 4-day gut reset program and it was exactly what my body needed. The food and bone broth is actually amazing, I never got bored of it even after 4 days, and afterwards, my body felt incredible. Changed the way I look at nutrition. Everyone should try it.” – Edward S. via Google Reviews

Watch the Reset in Action


Join me on this 2-day reset program journey by Shorba. A totally new experience for me and I’ll be honest, I was a bit on edge at first. Cooking isn’t exactly my forte but the program had me covered with crystal clear instructions and pre-measured ingredients.

Surprisingly, it was a breeze to follow along. Working from home, the low maintenance aspect was a total game changer. Once I whipped up the khichdi, I was set for the entire day. I decided to go for a more soupy Khichdi, skipped the veggies this time and just have it as is. The flavour was so packed yet it felt so light on the body. 

Now, you know I’m a sucker for hot drinks so diving into a protein-packed bone broth and a tasty CCF tea was a great twist to my routine. It’s still early to evaluate my energy levels and digestion but here’s what I can share

Now, you know I’m a sucker for hot drinks so diving into a protein-packed bone broth and a tasty CCF tea was a great twist to my routine. It’s still early to evaluate my energy levels and digestion but here’s what I can share.

The whole experience has been gentle. No crazy turns or major dietary exclusions. Just a comforting assurance that everything I consumed was giving my body the nutrition it needed. In the hustle of everyday life, eating healthy often takes a backseat for me so this program really alleviated that struggle, providing a solution that seamlessly integrated into my routine.  


For answers to common questions including:

  • Can I drink coffee on the Shorba Reset?
  • Do I have to cook khichdi every day?
  • How should I drink the broth?
  • Is there a best time to do the reset?

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