Does Bone Broth Lower Sugar Levels?

Does Bone Broth Lower Sugar Levels?

Yes, bone broth balances your blood sugar levels, thanks to one of its numerous amino acids, glycine!

Naturally produced by the body but also taken via foods and supplements, glycine is commonly known for being a structural protein. Still, we find its ability to regulate blood sugar highly underrated.

This natural broth nutrient stimulates insulin secretion upon absorption, converting glucose into energy, reducing not only your blood sugar but also how much glucose becomes stored as fat. 

This hormonal system invigoration is one of the primary reasons we recommend bone broth as a pre-meal beverage. 

What are the Benefits of Lowering Your Blood Sugar?

Avoidance of Insulin Resistance & Chronic Conditions

Insulin resistance (or the desired lack of it) is of significant regard when considering the long-term benefits of keeping high blood sugar at bay.

Consistently high glucose levels mean your body constantly has to work at pumping out more and more insulin. Meanwhile, your body becomes more and more resistant to the effects of said insulin, putting your health at major risk.

To reverse or avoid insulin resistance, it’s crucial to routinely focus on your nutrient intake, quality of sleep, physical activity and stress level management.

Potential conditions due to high glucose lifestyles and increased insulin resistance include but aren’t limited to type 2 diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

Relative to the mention of obesity, frequent elevation and glucose fluctuation are also essential diet/lifestyle outcomes to consider if you are focused on reducing weight or avoiding weight gain. 

Rather than zero in on taking away edible pleasures or assumed digestive villains via harsh diets, self-imposed restrictions, expensive cleanses and unnecessary fasts, we say, “don’t diet, reset!” (Click here to learn about The Reset Program)

Improved Mood & Mental Health

Speaking of stress level, if you’re feeling burnt out, irritated, anxious or frequently frustrated, it might not just be what’s going on in your external environment contributing to these moods but also what’s happening inside you.

Like a stock chart, blood sugar levels have peaks and drops, impacting your mood big time. When you avoid having your glucose swing high and low like a childhood swing set, you also help reduce the likeliness of your moods swinging like one. 

Similarly, if you’re suffering frequent feelings of sluggishness, improved blood sugar regulation would mean more glucose-to-energy conversion, equalling naturally balanced energy levels as well. 

For best results regarding sustained mood and energy levels, we recommend enjoying a cup of bone broth first thing in the morning. Consider replacing your morning coffee for even a week to start, and see how it feels. Typically, beginning this habit on a weekend makes the week, especially a 9-5 workweek, feel more manageable to keep such a routine ongoing. 

3 PM crash, be gone! 

Better Sleep

A contributor to improved mood, bodily function, focus, and many other aspects of daily life, improved sleep is an added benefit to blood sugar regulation. It’s also its own area of focus in preventing insulin resistance and the chronic conditions tied to this resistance.

Blissfully, the glycine found in bone broths, including our very own Shorba Bone Broths, is what we’d call a better sleep superhero. This is because glycine is not only a structural protein but also a neurotransmitter, assisting our minds in reducing anxiety and internal narration, resulting in ease of falling and staying asleep.

So, an hour before you go to bed, try a mug of delicious bone broth and see what a calming experience climbing into bed can be. 

Ready to hit reset on your gut health and harness the natural power of glycine? 
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