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9 Months Post-Fire, Shorba Bone Broth Solopreneur Embraced by Canadians

9 Months Post-Fire, Shorba Bone Broth Solopreneur Embraced by Canadians, Leading Grocers

VANCOUVER, Dec. 22, 2023 – After a devastation that would have given many small business owners no choice but to close up shop, Shorba Bone Broth founder Mithalee Rawat is continuing to change how Canadians view and approach gut health, with a bit of help from her community and the country’s leading grocers. 

In March of this year, Rawat arrived at the commercial building Shorba had shared with other Vancouver-based small businesses to find it on fire due to alleged arson. 

“Watching it go up in flames, I was like, ‘it’s done, the business is done.’ There had already been many rough months leading up to that point, and insurance wouldn’t cover any of the losses. I’d started Shorba with all my life savings from working as a cook and had no other funding. All of its assets, products and packaging were in there, so I’d almost called it quits right then and there.”

Comforted by those close to her, and with a bit of persistence from her sister, Rawat took to the internet for help, sharing the story in hopes of receiving enough donations to start over.

Rawat also managed to put on a brave face and sell at a major food show the following weekend, an already expensive opportunity she’d booked before the incident. 

“I actually couldn’t believe I did it. The fire was on a Saturday, and the biggest trade show I had ever signed up to do was the Saturday after. Not only did people support me through the fundraiser, but I got this large outpouring of assistance from my community, food industry peers, my distributor, and suppliers of items I’d needed for the trade show. The show was challenging, but everyone was so understanding. It was a great opportunity to meet people, get the brand back out there and be face to face with those behind the businesses I’d wanted to get into.” 

Despite starting again from scratch, Rawat’s hard work felt like it had paid off when Shorba Bone Broth found its dream positioning on the shelves of BC’s Whole Foods Market stores. 

“I had been in talks for it for over two years, and even when my distributor said, ‘we’ve gotten listed,’ which meant we were in the system, I was like, ‘I’ll believe it when I see it.’ Then, the orders started coming in, which was really eye-opening. When I went into the store and actually saw my products there, it was very validating.”

Shorba remains the only woman-owned broth brand stocked at the major grocer, a source of excitement and inspiration for the solopreneur whose products were also recently shelved at Safeway and Thrifty Foods locations in British Columbia. Rawat says her next big step is distributing her product line outside her home province, something frequently requested by customers and fans of the brand online.

At least for now, Rawat is focused on the coming holiday season, which is an ample opportunity to help Canadians with their celebratory routines and health goals, many of which she considers rooted in gut health, her and her broths’ area of expertise.

“My philosophy is to stay balanced as much as you can so that when you indulge, it won’t affect you as adversely as if you had not. I love food, so I try to maintain my routines in terms of eating well most of the year so that during times like Christmas or, in my case, Diwali, I know I can indulge for the week.”

“I would highly recommend a cup of broth in the morning to start your morning off right. That’s when you can see the maximum benefits, as your system is the most sensitive when you first get up. The other tip I always give people is to hydrate when you can with warm water, not cold water, which also helps you digest food better.”

For the post-holiday return to routine, Rawat says it’s easier than expected to integrate broth into your day, allowing for improved gut health and overall well-being, without the need for overly restrictive diets or forced avoidance of personal food pleasures. 

“Sneak your bone broth into as many meals or recipes as possible because it will help balance your gut, blood sugar and energy after any over-consumption of meals, sugars or alcohol. It’s so versatile, delicious and easier to implement into your diet than a supplement, powder or particular food.” 

About Shorba Bone Broth

Made from organic BC-farmed bones and an Ayurvedic blend of spices, Shorba Bone Broths are available in chicken and beef flavours. They are also free from gut-irritating ingredients such as garlic and onions for a gentle, nourishing experience in feeding and healing your digestive system. 

For more information, visit www.shorbabrothbar.com 

Mithalee Rawat

Founder, Shorba Bone Broth Inc.

778 302 0488

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