Bone Broth & Kids: Introducing the Family-Friendly Superfood at Any Age

Bone Broth & Kids: Introducing the Family-Friendly Superfood at Any Age

As producers of nutrient-rich, flavourful broths, we’re always looking to introduce new or creative ways for you to add broth to the meals or routines of yourself and anyone in your household, children included. 

Full of vitamins, minerals and purposely avoidant of ingredients that could trigger upset bellies (ex. salt, garlic, onion), our bone broths are safe and beneficial to people of all ages, from infants to adults.

Here’s how you can introduce little foodies, and even the pickiest eaters, to broth.

Bone Broth for Babies 

A savoury liquid to introduce in addition to, not a replacement of, their milk or formula, bone broth can be introduced as a liquid by spoonfuls or in small, bottled portions. It can also be slowly integrated into any baby foods, jarred or pureed, you add to your baby’s diet over time.

Benefits to babies of bone broth include improved digestive system, including a stronger digestive lining, plus better supported bone, joint and connective tissue development. Contrasting their baby beverage and food diet with broth will also reduce the risk of food intolerances while creating an earlier-developed diverse palate. 

Bone Broth for Toddlers

Similar to how you’d introduce broth to a baby, broth is best integrated into routines as a complement, more than a replacement. 

In toddlers’ cases, you could serve broth as a beverage to accompany their regular solid food meal.

Broth can also be used to cook any vegetables your toddler enjoys, allowing the child to ingest all of the nutrients without a drastic change in the taste of the veggies. 

A possible replacement scenario would be handing your child a cup or bottle of broth instead of a more sugary beverage they might ask for between meals such as fruit flavoured beverages or pop. 

Bone Broth for Children

In addition to the ways you’d integrate broth for other age groups, there are so many recipes for school-age children in which you can add, or replace ingredients with, broth. 

Whether poaching, boiling or blending, you can use broth when working with meats, vegetables and pastas. Most recipes that require water for cooking can have broth as the liquid component instead, adding so much more nutritional value to your child’s dishes.

Reading this in the summer? Make your child some delicious brothsicles for easy hydration and intake of essential minerals and amino acids. 

Broth for Sleep at Any Age

We couldn’t publish a guide relating to children and babies without mention of a benefit that will bring more rest and resets to both parents and littles; broth improves sleep! 

Bone broth contains glycine, an amino acid living a double life as an inhibitory and excitatory neurotransmitter. The former naturally sends messages to the brain to lower anxiety, improve relaxation and reduce the risk of insomnia or exhaustion. 

For best results and dry sheets, serve the broth an hour before bed at the latest. 

Then make a mug for yourself too, you earned it! 

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