Bone Broth for Dogs

Why You Should Make Bone Broth For Your Dog

Out of all the questions we are frequently asked in person or by email, one of our favourites here at Shorba would be, is bone broth good for dogs – and we’re pleased to always (excitedly) say yes!

Not only is broth beneficial to dogs, but Shorba Bone Broth is a safe bone broth for dogs as we use zero preservatives and no triggering additives like garlic or onion. Plus, the bones from which we make our broth are certified organic, sourced from local BC farms and come from 100% grass-fed beef. 

Here are 5 reasons to make your pupper a bowl of bone broth.

1. Hydration & Nourishment

If your dog needs or wants to drink more water, especially in the summer, broth can be an attractive option as it provides hydration while having a taste and scent that dogs love. Plus, it’s also packed with essential minerals and amino acids, helping not only their appetite but also their body and system functions. 

Not only can this be helpful and beneficial during day-to-day life but especially during times your pet might be recovering from illness or veterinary experiences such as surgery. 

2. Healthy Fur & Skin

Bone broths are rich in collagen, the building block of your and your dog’s connective tissue. Oral intake of broth-sourced collagen will lead to healthier skin and youthful, strong fur, especially as your pet’s natural collagen production decreases with age. Bone broth’s aforementioned hydrating qualities will also help keep your dog’s skin from becoming dry and flaky while also assisting with any itching or irritation. 

3. Bone & Joint Health

The collagen that keeps your dog’s fur healthy and hydrated is also the broth-found nutrient that will help keep joint pain and inflammation at bay. Making up muscles, tendons and ligaments, collagen consumption through broth offers anti-aging qualities, becoming a preventative measure against discomforts that come with reduced collagen production and getting older.

Watch your pupper act like a puppy again as they slowly regain joint flexibility, muscular strength and less stiffness/discomfort. 

4. Better Immune Health

All of the minerals and amino acids in bone broth not only optimize your dog’s bone, tissue and muscular health but also greatly support their immune system and overall health. 

5. Improved Digestion & Gut Health

Just like in humans, broth can reset and revitalize the gut health of dogs, improving their digestion, gut lining and overall digestive function. Broth can be especially beneficial to dogs who may have sensitive stomachs or have medical conditions of the gastrointestinal system.

Dog Food Tip

If your dog is on a hard food diet or eats hard food for any one of its daily meals, try bone broth on top of the hard food for added nutritional value or to make the food softer to eat and digest.

You can also mix it with any soft or raw dog food. 

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