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When is the Best Time of Day to Have Bone Broth?

Before we answer the best times to enjoy bone broth, let us preface it with this: There isn’t technically a wrong or bad time for you to drink your bone broth—the benefits of the “when” depend on your “why”.

Today, we’re writing to help you align your “why” with a “when,” sorted by time of day.


For optimal results when it comes to gut health and healing, you’ll want to integrate bone broth into your morning routine. Your digestive system, mainly your gut, is most sensitive when you first wake up and get out of bed.

Having a cup of broth over a cup of coffee, for example, is a healthier start to your day and how you’ll see the maximum benefits of your broth.

We know what some of you are thinking. “I need my coffee to wake up!”

You can boost your energy levels with bone broth too! By resting and restoring your gut with a bone broth regimen, you’ll see and feel your body become more naturally energized and less sluggish – because if your gut’s happy and properly functioning, so is the rest of you.

A common outcome of bone broth routines among our consumers is that they can minimize or eliminate sugar cravings, which also positively impacts their energy levels; no sugar crash!

Afternoon / Pre-Meal

Speaking of sugar, this brings us to one of the benefits of sipping bone broth in the afternoon: blood sugar. By consuming your broth before or during a meal, you’re helping your body regulate your blood sugar level via an amino acid known as glycine.

Glycine is not only used by the body to build tissue protein, but it also improves how well our insulin helps our blood sugar levels and optimizes glucose-to-energy activity, keeping our systems from turning glucose into stored fat.

Glycine additionally works with our livers by producing its most needed antioxidant, glutathione. This helps detox and protect your liver from disease and other harmful elements.

Bone broth and its glycine content can also be of benefit if one of your goals is to reduce weight not only because of the avoidance of storing fat but also the reduction of high blood sugar and sugar cravings.

Pre-Activity – Best Time of Day to Have Bone Broth?

If working out, rehabilitation or activities such as walking or hiking are part of your lifestyle, we highly recommend having a serving of bone broth at least an hour before you begin.

We’ve mentioned above how glycine in bone broth helps your body’s tissue build up protein. This improves your ability to build new muscle and avoid muscular reduction (aka muscle waste).

Further benefits of pre-activity consumption include improving joint flexibility and protection, reducing joint inflammation and increasing natural energy (vs. energy drinks, sugary drinks, etc).

Additionally, Shorba Bone Broths contain up to 2x more protein than other commonly stocked broths, which could be extra helpful if you’re not a fan or consumer of fitness store protein shakes.

Nighttime / Before Bed

If you want a good night’s rest, drinking bone broth before you sleep can improve sleep quality. Remember that excellent amino acid, glycine?

Another one of its natural superpowers is its ability to act as a calming neurotransmitter in our minds, reducing anxious, running thoughts and increasing our ability to fall and stay asleep.

What time is it now? Time for broth!

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